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Authors are invited to submit papers for upcoming journal release of IJR. Papers submitted must be your work originally and must not have been published previously. Papers must be in the format as in the PDF below. We suggest you not to send same article in more than one journal at a time.

Frequency of publication

IJR is published as a bi-monthly journal with 6 issues per year. Special editions are also planned subjected to the scope and need.

Article processing

All submitted articles will be initially subjected to editorial procedures, if found suitable for publishing will be sent to reviewers for peer review. It is not necessary that every article will go for peer review. Once the review process is over and the article is accepted, authors will be intimated over mail provided with a paper ID, which the author is insisted to reply within 5 days of time, after which the article will be sent for publishing after all the necessary formalities being done.


Authors are also required to submit the copyright transfer form once the article is accepted for publication, without which the articles will not be processed. Author can download the copyright transfer form and the scanned copy of duly filled form should be submitted to 

The facts and views in the article will be of the authors and they will be totally responsible for authenticity, validity and originality etc. The authors should give an undertaking while submitting the paper that the manuscripts submitted to journal have not been published and have not been simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere and manuscripts are their original work. That if and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatic transfer of the copyright to the publisher.

Candidates for Editorial Member/Editor should be established scholars in the area of Business, Humanities, Science and Technology. Please every Candidate mentions your Affiliation and Expertise areas.
We ask you to support this initiative by joining our editorial team. If you are interested in serving as a member of the editorial team, kindly send your resume to: 

International Journals of Research - IJR Journals welcomes the original research article, Review Papers,long papers ,white papers and short papers .

Last Date for Manuscript Submission: 25th of every month. 

Online Publication Date: 30th of every month. Periodical update within the month.. 

Submitting the paper in multiple journals are offence, Don't waste our valuable time. 

Submit Your article: 

Frequency: 12 issues per year. 
Submission of article : We are currently focusing on publishing original research works, review papers, short communications only, authors may submit the articles only to

Authors are advised to submit the articles only with the copyright form duly signed, scanned and attached.

Authors are advised to follow the Author Guidelines in preparing the manuscript before submission.
Manuscript Preparation
1. Language 
The language of the manuscript must be in English.
2. Length of paper 
The length of the paper should not exceed 25 pages. Paper containing more than 25 pages words will be returned to the author(s) to a bridge. Articles should be typed in double-space (including footnotes and references) on one side of the paper only (preferably A4) with wide margins. Authors are urged to write as concisely as possible, but not at the expense of clarity.
3. Title Page 
Title page is a separated page before the text. It should include the following information:
Tile should be concise and informative. Try to avoid abbreviations and formulae where possible.
Author’s names and affiliations
Please indicate the given name and family name clearly. Present the authors' affiliation addresses (where the actual work was done) below the names. Indicate all affiliations with a lower-case superscript letter immediately after the author's name and in front of the appropriate address. Provide the full postal address of each affiliation, including the country name, and, if available, the e-mail address, and telephone number of each author.
A concise and factual abstract is required (maximum length of 150 words). The abstract should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions. An abstract is often presented separate from the article, so it must be able to stand alone. References should therefore be avoided, but if essential, they must be cited in full, without reference to the reference list.

5. Keywords 
Immediately after the abstract, provide a maximum of 8 keywords, avoiding general and plural terms and multiple concepts (avoid, for example, 'and', of).
6. Subdivision of the article
Divide your article into clearly defined and numbered sections. Subsections should be numbered 1, 2. (then 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2), 1.2, etc. The abstract is not included in section numbering.
8. References 
Author(s) should follow the latest edition of APA style in referencing. Please visit to learn more about APA style
Citations in the text
Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). Avoid citation in the abstract. Unpublished results and personal communications should not be in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text. Citation of a reference as in press implies that the item has been accepted for publication.
9. Submission Preparation Checklist 
Before submitting the manuscript, author(s) should check the following list.
1. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.
2. The submission file is in Microsoft Word file/ PDF format.
3. Manuscript has been made in the light of Journal’s author guidelines.
4. Author(s) did not mention his or her name and affiliation in the main text
5. Author(s) has read all the terms and conditions of the journal.

Send papers for publication to 
For Research Publication, visit us at
For book publication

Review Process

The International Journals of Research (IJR) shall not accept or publish manuscripts in its journal without prior peer review. There shall be a review process of manuscripts by one or more independent referees who are conversant in the pertinent subject area.
Authors should strive for maximum clarity of expression, bearing in mind that the purpose of publication is the disclosure of technical knowledge and that an excessively complex or poorly written presentation can only obscure the significance of the work presented. Material which is not essential to the continuity of the text (e.g., proofs, derivations, or calculations) be placed in Appendices
The editor evaluates the recommendation and notifies the author of the manuscript status. The manuscript may be:
 *Accepted for publication as is
 *Accepted for publication with minor changes, with no re-review necessary
 *Accepted for publication after substantial revision and additional review
The comments of the anonymous reviewers will be forwarded to the authors, and when the authors are ready to submit their revised manuscript, read the comments of the editors and reviewers, and respond to them by telling what modifications they have made in their manuscript or why they have not made the suggested changes.
Material which has been previously copyrighted, published, or accepted for publication will not be considered for publication in the journals.
The review process shall ensure that all authors have equal opportunity for publication of their papers. Acceptance and scheduling of publication of papers in these periodicals shall not be impeded by added criteria and procedures beyond those contained in the review process.
The editorial board is highly committed to the quick review process of the paper, but not with the sacrifice of the right judgment of a paper. The review process takes maximum Five Days.

Aim And Scope

International Journal of Research (IJR) are a monthly, open access and peer-reviewed.
International Journals of Research 
International Journals of Research (IJR) providing a platform for the researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.International Journal of Research (IJR) welcomes and acknowledges high quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, technical note from researchers, academicians, professional,  practitioners and students from all over the world.

International Journals of Research 
  (IJR) publishes research paper in the field of  accounting, marketing, management, finance, banking, economics, human resources management, international business, hotel and tourism, entrepreneurship development, industrial relations, business ethics, international relations, population studies, law, development studies, political science, psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, journalism and mass communication, Cross­-culture studies, music, anthropology, linguistics, education, public administration, women studies, religious studies, social welfare, Genetics, Health Science, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Physics, Statistics, Animal Science, Sea Science, Biology, Micro Biology, Bio Engineering Chemical & Bio molecular Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering & Technology Management, Engineering Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunication, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Agriculture, Botany, Environmental Science, Forestry, Horticulture, Husbandry, Neuroscience, Zoology, Robotics and Automation, Nutrition & Food Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Transportation Science and so on.

Send papers for publication to 
For Research Publication, visit us at
For book publication



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There are two kinds of education, formal and informal. The former is what I just defined and is known to all. It is the latter that often goes unnoticed. Infact, it is the informal education that makes or breaks us. Surprising? Let's explore how.

Informal education starts from the time a child is born. The child is like a clean slate. His future depends on what his surroundings shall be like, what his parents shall be like, what they shall teach him, what they want him to become like, etc. The first class that a child goes to is at his home. 

Edupedia Publications 

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Edupedia Books

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