Voltour India

             When the vision is clear ,
                  strategy  is easy .
                     Voltour India

Ohhh yeah it's cooming soon..
A funtastic opportunity to get involved with interships , fellowships, research and many more carier  enhance skills .
 Voltour app is introduced by one of the leading NGO (Ladli Foundation ) which also receives  national award for Youth Empowerment this year .
This app not only focuses on marginalized  community  but it thinks for the betterment of whole nation.
As I said earlier when vision is clear ,streagy is easy   I really meant it by this only -the strategy behind this app is very clear and the steps to get involved in this app  is  simple   as using instagram.
Everything is about to change with Voltour. 
Now the big question is how volunteering can change the world?

Become A Volunteer - Make a difference

Each and every volunteer must have that spirit and vision -'that I m going to change the world and this is my plan .It's always seems impossible until's it's done.

* Volunteering can be a life changing opportunity especially for youth for the young blood  for those person's who are still finding their feet in the world .

*In the end we only regret the change we didn't take .It's by us only our little contribution and efforts makes someone's life in a better way . When we'll will come forward and stand for the awareness of the society  the issues left in the weaker section  which makes their life hell.

*Through volunteering we will see the world outside of your window as well as it will boast our social skills.

 Why volunteering is important 

Not only volunteering is important  and good for us and for our community, volunteering is important for longevity and mental health .

Volunteering doesn't know race , ethnicity, political views in most cases . Without people willing to help others for free, alot of organization would cease to exist .
Not everyone is as fortune as we are .
There is no better feeling  in the world than seeing someone being grateful for what you just did for them. Volunteers are not being paid with money, but they’re being paid with gratitude, and to me, that is the most wonderful thing.

To finish this blog , I would just like to say thank you to all of those out there that volunteer. You are an important part of our society and thanks to your help someone else’s life was made a little better again.

By - Jahnawi Gupta
Law student