Importance of Training and Internship

Internship and training are important and beneficial because you can use your academic knowledge and skills here. You can improve those skills and learn in deep. Also, it can help you to decide and choose career path . If you're still confuse about your future and career then this will help you to figure out your interest and help you to choose your career path. Your connections become strong in industry. Internship and training, both, provide you great environment and chance to meet professionals and grow your connections in market.
You will also gain work experience and it will boost your confidence. 
Some internships also have job offer, you can directly get job or employment from that particular internship. Also, you can have extra pocket money while doing college. 
It helps you to grow your character like you'll learn professionalism. You'll learn team work, problem solving, leadership and so many.
Having work experience will look good on your resume. How? If you have work experience then there is higher chances of you to get hire for that particular job profile. As most organizations want that their employees have some knowledge and experience .
There are so many benefits of internship and training. The list will never end !