Agriculture: isn't about empty stomachs anymore

Agriculture which was once the most flourishing sector has now become just a matter of debates amongst parties , new channels . The farmers or I would say "Ann- data" are being accused for crimes they never commited. 

It was mere a matter of bill, which now is a hot topic for everyone to talk about.Farmers only wanted there rights to be reserved and safe gaurded but here what we look at is completely opposite of it . The government elected by the people includes farmers is meant to do right but this goverment is no more for the people it has converted into self profitable sector. Farmers on strikes have sacrificed everything , there families , there homes out on the roads living in adverse conditions just to get there rights back.
 Are they asking for too much ??

Isn't it goverment's duty to listen to these voices. Everytime during elections fake promises are made to the aam janta to gain votes . Is winning the only thing they could see . Don't they have any responsibilities on them!?. and if they do have when are they going to react . When will they be true to people who were the reason of there success today.

From my personal point of view I feel selfishness has took the place of humanity. I would like to mention a very common example you all must have come across once in your life . We are walking by the road , a car accident happens all of sudden . The first thing we would do is record it , share it . Is this a humanly behaviour ?..

same is the casw with government they are humanly until they get votes , once its done " tum kon - hum kon" takes over . We need to get to the roots to make things right .
we need to raise our voices for the right and loud enough to reach them.

Unity would lead us to there . Farmers need to be safe gaurded , they are humans too they have worked hard foe us , these hands have fed us . All we need to do in return is to support them through this.