Topic to Write Articles


You can choose any of the topics related to the themes mentioned below. This will keep you on the track while writing for Eduindex News. 

Trending Topics of News

Write on any topic which is in news and trending on social media like twitter. 

Contents that will be Useful

Focus on writing contents that will be useful for readers of the news portal who are primarily students and academicians. 

Topics Related to Course that You are Studing

Write and enlighten students about the topics that you have read and understood well so that other students can get benefitted. 

Topics for Writing for Interns

  1. Important dates of year e.i. Teachers’ Day, Gandhi Jayanti
  2. Biographies of Great Leaders, Businessmen, Social reformers, Educationist
  3. Stories of Start ups and business
  4. Business and management related topics
  5. Social issues related topics.
  6. Book Reviews
  7. News and Current affairs
  8. Self help and personality development
  9. Jobs and career related topics
  10. Culture and history related
  11. Science and technology related
  12. Internship, Skill Development and training related
  13. Educational and academic news and updates
  14. Courses and programs for students
  15. Research and Writing related
  16. Digital marketing
  17. Introduction about different Schools, Colleges, Universities
  18. Journalism and mass media
  19. Public administration and development related
  20. Any other topics which you can write, you can do so.